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    Bosley Real Estate Ltd. is a 100% family owned and operated Real Estate company that has been successfully assisting the buying and selling public since 1928.  It is a Canadian company, and the Bosley Family are actively involved in the day-to-day management.  Should you wish to talk to the owner of the company, you may actually do so!

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    When selling your home, you need global exposure in addition to the strong
    marketing expertise we deliver locally. As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate
    Companies of the World,® we have the resources to market your property to the
    highest possible number of potential buyers. With 120,000 talented associates
    around the world, we expose your property to buyers on six continents ensuring
    more eyes on your property. In addition, we receive inbound clients from other
    affiliates around the globe who are interested in purchasing a home.

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    Latest Blog Posts

    • Downsizing in an up market

      Matthew Watt 17 March 2015

      As people approach the age of retirement, some contemplate selling their home to free up equity to fund their future lifestyle. After 18 years of bull run in real estate in Toronto, many retirees that have paid off their homes may want to 'cash out' to enjoy their retirement.

    • Market Update For The Week Ending March 6th, 2015

      Matthew Watt 07 March 2015

      Be still our beating hearts. The freehold sector has turned up the heat. Last week alone we watched listings climb by 12% across the central core but the big news is the 76% increase in number of sales. Of those sales 64% were above asking. It is interesting to note that at this time last year we had 15% more listings (325 compared to 283) and 11% more sales (164 compared to 148). That tightening of supply has created more multiple offers than one year ago (61% last year vs 64% this year). As we move into Spring Break, we expect things to move a bit slower over the next two weeks.

    • February 2015 Infographic

      Matthew Watt 27 February 2015

      Check out our February 2015 Infographic. Tons of information on Sales of existing homes, and condos. Open House attendance and a lot more...

    • Market Update For The Week Ending February 13th, 2015

      Matthew Watt 14 February 2015

      We’ve been collecting weekly sales data for a while now and it is often fun to look back a year and compare markets. For instance, last year at this time, there were about 200 new freehold listings in the downtown core. Today it is only marginally better at 210. While we have been tracking upward in the number of listings since the beginning of the year, the extreme cold has generally slowed that trend down. The big difference is the number of sales. Last year there were 75 sales while this week we registered 148 sales with well over 60% selling at or above the list price.

    • Market Update For The Week Ending January 23rd

      Matthew Watt 29 January 2015

      We can collectively hear home buyers breathe a sigh of relief as more listings come to market. Across the downtown core, freehold listings jumped by 67% since the early part of the month to 221 units. That exuberance is only tempered by sales which increased by a remarkable 95% over the same period. Of those sales, 53% sold at or above the asking price. There is no question in our minds that all these numbers will improve over the coming months